Roasted Pineapple and Hot Pepper Pate –Ouch!


This was fun, interesting and pretty easy to make. However it turned-out way too hot for my taste, (and I like hot food, so watch it!) –I ended up giving this to my Dad who is a hot pepper freak and he devoured it with pita and wheat crackers. Next time I make this, I’ll only use one hot pepper with a punch of sweet bells. The Pineapple and Pepper combination is truly awesome.


This is how I did it:

One half of a Pineapple cubed. One roughly chopped onion and a few garlic cloves.

Grab a bunch of peppers, hot, sweet or in-between or a combination of all, let’s say a pound or so. Remove the seeds and the stems and cut them up. When cleaning and cutting hot peppers make sure to wear rubber gloves, or suffer baby when you touch your eyes, and if you do suffer, a chef friend of mine gave me this tip; splash milk in your eye! (it works) —And if by chance you touch other places on your body, have a class of milk ready for dunking or dousing. Kinky!

Toss the pineapple and peppers with oil and brown sugar, and sprinkle with some rice vinegar. Roast them until they become brown and black in areas and their overall color has deepened. Wait for it to cool down…

Now all you do is pass it all through a food processor until it forms a thick paste, add some oil, salt to taste. — Chill. Spread the pate on a plate and make it look pretty with nuts or chopped peppers…or drizzle honey around the outside of the plate and serve, but warn your guest that it is super-hot (if you’re using all hot peppers) –I didn’t love this, I didn’t hate it, I wish I used a combination of peppers… that’s all.


About johncpicardi

Welcome to my blog. I am the author of the novel Oliver Pepper's Pickle and the published plays The Sweepers and Seven Rabbits on a Pole, both plays have been produced off Broadway and around the US. I am a graduate of Johnson & Wales University where I majored in Culinary arts. I have a BA from The University of Massachusetts and an MFA from Carnegie Mellon University. This blog is about food and food memories and every other fantastic and scrumptious thing to do with it. My appetite and passion for food is large and runs deep, sometimes its indulgent and wild and other times wholesome and simple, often humorous and always immeasurable. I grew up outside of Boston and spent many hours of my childhood in front of the TV watching Graham Kerr (The Galloping Gourmet) and Julia Child prepare all kinds of luscious meals that would make my mouth water. Other days I’d follow my mother and two grandmothers around their simple, tidy kitchens as they busily prepared hearty fragrant meals, hand-cut pastas, preserved fruits and vegetables, baked yeasty breads, spicy cookies and frosted lopsided cakes. I was there by their side asking questions and helping where needed and there were plenty of times I was ordered to leave if I was in their way. It was a given that by the time I graduated High School I would be going off to Johnson & Wales University to study Culinary Arts. Those years were fine and good. I loved the hands on creativeness of cooking whether it be the simple lesson of washing a sink full of colorful salad greens, trussing a chicken or peeling a gorgeous carrot or the complicated lessons of making a French Country Pate or Julia Child’s Cassoulet or making Brioche, it all thrilled me and my dream had arrived!
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2 Responses to Roasted Pineapple and Hot Pepper Pate –Ouch!

  1. What a cool idea! We went a little crazy on fruit this week, so I have two pineapples begging for adventure…


    • johncpicardi says:

      Oh cool… let me know how it turns out, its pretty tasty, but wish I had used only one hot pepper and the rest sweet…. it was over the top hot… but people liked it… —.too hot for me though…..


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