The Duck Country Pate Project Update

Okay, faithful followers, after 24 hours of marinating the Duck Pate mixture in brandy and all kinds of lovely spices, I put it in the oven moments ago. I took some nice photos of the entire process of making the pate and will post them later this week. The pate has to  be pressed under weights and aged for a few days.  –I can’t wait to cut into it!
I haven’t boned a duck in ages, and it was like I did it only yesterday. –I rendered the duck skin and meat scraps over low heat and I will use the fat for roasting potatoes later today and the crispy confit (duck skin and meat) I shamelessly ate with my Dad, I was going to use it for a salad topping for dinner, but I knew confit wouldn’t have chance in lasting around here.
The photo is of the duck pate right before I wrapped it and placed in oven. Stayed tuned.


About johncpicardi

Welcome to my blog. I am the author of the novel Oliver Pepper's Pickle and the published plays The Sweepers and Seven Rabbits on a Pole, both plays have been produced off Broadway and around the US. I am a graduate of Johnson & Wales University where I majored in Culinary arts. I have a BA from The University of Massachusetts and an MFA from Carnegie Mellon University. This blog is about food and food memories and every other fantastic and scrumptious thing to do with it. My appetite and passion for food is large and runs deep, sometimes its indulgent and wild and other times wholesome and simple, often humorous and always immeasurable. I grew up outside of Boston and spent many hours of my childhood in front of the TV watching Graham Kerr (The Galloping Gourmet) and Julia Child prepare all kinds of luscious meals that would make my mouth water. Other days I’d follow my mother and two grandmothers around their simple, tidy kitchens as they busily prepared hearty fragrant meals, hand-cut pastas, preserved fruits and vegetables, baked yeasty breads, spicy cookies and frosted lopsided cakes. I was there by their side asking questions and helping where needed and there were plenty of times I was ordered to leave if I was in their way. It was a given that by the time I graduated High School I would be going off to Johnson & Wales University to study Culinary Arts. Those years were fine and good. I loved the hands on creativeness of cooking whether it be the simple lesson of washing a sink full of colorful salad greens, trussing a chicken or peeling a gorgeous carrot or the complicated lessons of making a French Country Pate or Julia Child’s Cassoulet or making Brioche, it all thrilled me and my dream had arrived!
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12 Responses to The Duck Country Pate Project Update

  1. kate magee says:

    OMG…this looks amazing. My Significant Other (SO) is a hunter and if he is successful duck hunting this fall, I will definitely be asking you for the recipe!


    • johncpicardi says:

      Great, I will be posting the recipe with photos later this week when its complete! Tell your SO to send me some ducks. LOL


  2. Rusty61_1999 says:


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  3. Chez Foti says:

    How was it???? Looks utterly divine.


    • johncpicardi says:

      Well, its being pressed and aged right now, I will cut into it in a few days… I will be posting photos of the entire making out it….It was much fun! John


  4. TastyScapes says:

    I tried to make a country pâté last thanksgiving and failed miserly. If you are pleased with how your’s turns out would you mind sharing the recipe?


    • johncpicardi says:

      Well, it is being pressed and aged right now, I will cut into it in a few days… I will be posting (Wednesday or Thursday) photos of the entire making out it and the end result, along with the recipe….It was much fun! Did you use enough fat when you made it? What was wrong with it????


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